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Hair Accessories That Are Good For  Your Hair

Hair Accessories That Are Good For Your Hair

Even as children, we knew how important it was to style and accessorise our hair. Early on, we would go through our kids’ hair accessories and throw whatever we thought looked cute on our heads. As we’ve grown, we still wear certain trinkets either for style purposes, convenience, or both.

But did you know that even the trusty ties we wear might be harmful to our locks? They can be a source of hair pulling, and can be irritating on our scalp. It may not seem like a big deal now, but when your tresses keep getting plucked, it may lead to more long-term consequences.

With this, here are some accessories you can wear that are harmless to your hair.


Cloth accessories

Wearing cloth-based accessories such as silk headbands, scarves, and the like are recommended as opposed to using elastic hair ties and other similar trinkets. Said rubber-based accessories can cause breakage and damage, whereas the cloth ones are more gentle on your tresses. Not only that, but accessories made out of cloth have more leeway in their design and can fit any aesthetic you’re going for.



Scrunchies are another hair addition that’s better for your locks’ health, specifically spiral scrunchies. They cause less tangles and are more gentle on your strands. Aside from that, they’re also quite accessible and are no hassle to wear or put on. You can even use it to do different hairstyles.


Hair fork or hair stick

Hair forks are another type of accessory that you can use for lots of different styles. They put less strain on your locks and only require some skillful handiwork to keep all of your strands in place. Another alternative that has the same purpose is the hair stick. The beauty of this is that any similar item you have, such as a chopstick or a pen, can be a hair stick. You can use these to style your hair with ease and with no worries about damage.


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