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1. How do I track my order? 

Once your order has been packed you will receive an email with a tracking number to track your delivery.


2. How much is postage?

Flat Rate Shipping within Australia $10.95

We don't inflate our prices and offer free shipping. Instead we offer a Flat rate and fair shipping price.  

3. Do you ship overseas? 

Yes we do, we offer Flat Rate Shipping of $20 for ALL international Orders under 500g and $30 for ALL International Orders under 2kg. Orders over $200 receive free  International Post


4. How long does delivery take?

We dispatch all orders placed before 5pm SA time on the next business day using Australia Post. Your location and the method of delivery (parcel or express) determines the delivery time. Generally we find most parcel post packages are delivered within 5-7 days. And express post within 1-2 days.  



1. What's so good about this brush and why do people call it life changing?

The Dream Detangler Pain Free Hair Brushing™️ - the FIRST brush of its kind in Australia can be used on wet or dry hair, straight or curly and creates truly scream, tear and pain free hair brushing.

Our revolutionary Dual Bristle technology drags tangles through the hair and out the ends.  Unlike other brushes which rip their way through the tangles, our bristles help the tangles gently move down the hair shaft. 

The unique combination of Synthetic Boar and SuperFlexi bristles is the key. Others try to replicate our results but nothing comes close. 

Read more under each description to find out all the features and benefits.

2. What's the difference between the Full Size And the Mini?

The Full Size is a bigger brush measuring approx 25cm. It is a two piece design with a bigger brush head.  It contours to the scalp so it gets through all layers of hair.

The Mini Brush is approx 19cm and a one piece design. Its smaller size makes it perfect for little hands and school or sports bags.

Both brushes have our Dual Bristle Technology which is exclusive to the Dream Detangler. Many other brushes copy our shape and design but NONE offer comparable results

3. Does it really create PAIN FREE hair brushing?

Our promise to you is that YES it does.  The revolutionary bristles drag tangles through the hair and out the ends. The movement in the bristles allows the tangles to move from the roots, to the mid lengths and ends with repeat strokes. 

4. Does this work with ASD, SPD and sensory children?

Yes the Dream Detangler has been helping special needs families create independence with hair brushing for more than 6 years! We are proud to be on the Autism SA Friendly Business Charter and work with many specialists, OT, service providers to help their clients discover Pain Free and Happy Hair Brushing.

In 2020 we released a Sunset Bronze - Sensory Dream Detangler Brush and in 2021 a Sensory Red Dream Detangler Brush - both have double dipped tips and slightly longer bristles - specifically designed for our clients who struggle with sensory. 

5. Can I use the Dream Detangler on wet hair? 

Absolutely! As our Dual Bristle Technology drags tangles through the hair it can be used on Wet and Dry Hair. Normal brushes and combs have no flexibility in the bristles and rip their way through knots. The Dream Detangler is gentle and won't cause the breakage of a traditional brush or comb. 

This also means the Dream Detangler can be used on curly hair too! Perfect for in the shower with conditioner or once you get out. 

6. How do the dual bristles work?

Our Dual Bristle technology drag tangles through the hair and out the ends with their unique and revolutionary composition. They will naturally condition, soften, detangle and add shine to your hair. When brushing the hair it feels as though you are getting a scalp massage, increasing blood flow and smooths the hair follicles. 

7. How often should I replace my brush?

We recommend to replace your Dream Detangler Brush every 6-9 months. You will notice that the bristles start to fray and look worn. You will also notice that you are not achieving the same Pain Free results. 

8. Is the Dream Detangler Vegan?

YES ! Unlike natural/boar bristles (derived from animals) our Dual Bristles are 100% synthetic and man made. They replicate the results achieved with boar bristles but without involving any animals. Our synthetic bristles are more durable and long lasting that natural bristles. And offer more consistent and reliable results.

9. How often should I clean my brush and how?

We recommend you wash your brush in warm, soapy water every 10-14 days.

Start by removing any hair of fluff with your fingers (or you can brush two brushes together to help lift) then soak the brush head in the water and gently rub.

Remove from the water and shake excess water off. Let your brush dry naturally.

We DO NOT recommend the use of brush cleaners as they will damage your bristles of your brush and void any warranty.  


1. Do you offer a warranty? 

The Dream Detangler is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee - we are that sure you will LOVE IT! If you are not completely satisfied please return for a full refund.  To enquire about a refund please email   Please note we don't refund postage and return postage will be at your expense.

2. Faulty Workmanship

We quality check all our products before packaging them, however, occasionally there may be a fault we have missed. We are human and at times make mistakes.

But we WILL always rectify a mistake when it is brought to our attention.

We do not accept product returns, due to change of mind, or after 30 days due to hygiene reasons. General wear and tear will not be covered under faulty workmanship. 

3. Items missing from your order? 

We check all items on your packing list to ensure your ordered items are sent, and we cross check our weights when sending your items as a double check. 
However we are human and at times make mistakes.

if your order is missing an item please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order  

After 14 days of receiving your order and if no contact is made your order is considered to be delivered in full  

Detangle/Deter Sprays

ALL our Detangle/Deter Sprays are made in South Australia, using the very best ingredients sourced from within Australia.

Our Naturally No More Nits Deter and Detangle Sprays™ are Certified Vegan, Organic and TGA Listed. 

Our Tangled Hair Care™ Detangle Sprays are Vegan. 

Our Detangle/Deter Sprays are not covered by a Money Back Guarantee. Due to TGA/OHS regulations we are not able to swap sprays once they have been received. 

** Please note when you wish to experience/smell the spray please DO NOT open the bottle and sniff as you will smell the oils in their pure form. The top note oils of tea tree, neem and cedar sit on the top of the bottles and can be stronger/overwhelming.

We recommend that you shake the bottle well, and then spray 8-10 sprays on damp hair. Hair is porous and absorbs moisture, so by using on damp hair the scent is softer and you will also use less product. This will give you the true scent of the product. 

Faulty Spray Mechanism

We are unable to test each spray mechanism before it leaves us. We find faults in less than 1% of the spray mechanisms we sell. 

Sometimes in colder weather the spray nozzle and chamber can become blocked with essential oils (as they solidify in the cold). We recommend to remove the lid and chamber and soak in a bowl of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. This will remove any blockage. It is our experience this fixes 95% of issues with spray tops. If this does not fix the issue please reach out to us via email.