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With a huge online presence, plus we attend multiple events around SA (shopping centres, fairs, markets and school events) and we attend all the BIG Royal Shows (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide) you can shop online or at events with confidence. 

Hi, my name is Rachelle and I am the creator/founder of Tangled Hair Care. Officially founded April 1st 2015 (although I was selling products to friends and family for nearly 2 years prior to this) I am the expert is children's hair care in Australia. 

I am a wife (married for 17 years this year to Symon)  and passionate mum of two daughters (Taylah - 14  and Ashlee -13) and a qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist by trade. Over the years with my daughters we faced hair brushing battles daily! I quickly learnt our battles were similar to what other families faced daily too. I knew I could help people I just had to develop the products to do this!  Then we struck nits! Oh no I hear you say ! Nits for the first time were catastrophic! I had a daughter who had to be restrained to brush her hair, let alone comb out the eggs! 

This led me to develop and create our signature product Naturally No More Nits Deter and Detangle Sprays. With the help of some amazing consultants and many years of research and trials we finally launched! Not only do our sprays nourish, condition and detangle the hair they also keep head lice at bay. TGA Listed. Certified Vegan, Made in SA and Family Owned.  Simply divine and yes they really do work! 

Over the years as a hair dresser I have worked with more brushes than I care to remember. Round, square, vented, paddle.... you name it. I have had some favourites over the years but not ONE brush could do it all! 

This led to the release of my next exclusive product - The Dream Detangler ™️! I knew as a hairdresser exactly what I wanted the brush to be - the shape, the bristles, the design was a combination of the best brushes I had used in my career all meshed into one. Released to family and friends in early 2016, who quickly declared their love for it and were the driving force in my mass production in mid 2017 and they were officially launched to the public early 2018. 

The Dream Detangler™️ is a salon quality hair brush without the UGLY price tag, which can be used on wet and dry hair, curly or straight. The Dream Detangler™️ glides through all hair types. It has a unique mix of bristles with a vented shape and design which work simultaneously to detangle the most stubborn knots! Effortlessly. Pain Free. Stress Free. Tear Free. The first brush of its kind to be designed in Australia and released for sale. 

Other brushes may look similar but they sure don't feel the same. 

Over my years as a hairdresser and mum I have worked with many doctors, specialists, providers, parents and carers of special needs children. Helping families beat hair brushing battles forever and changing their lives with my products.

My mission is to give you the best products, at the best prices to help you beat hair brushing battles forever

My promise to you is the products which carry my name I use on myself and my own children, and I guarantee they work! 

I offer a money back guarantee for our Dream Detangler™️ brushes as they will change your life! 

If you have questions or need help and support please message me. I love helping people beat hair brushing battles and helping with product recommendations and advice. 

Also home to the largest range of korkers, bows and scrunchies and our own organic shampoo, conditioner and hand and body wash range. 

If you would love to see us release a NEW product please send us your ideas!