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Tangled Hair Care is proud to be the FIRST Australian Hair Care Provider listed on the Approved NDIS Provider List.
As a result of tireless months of work you can now utilise your NDIS Package to claim our products (under personal care/grooming) 
Search for us HERE on the NDIS website 

1) Please email our NDIS Accounts Manager - for all orders and enquiries.

2) In your email, please supply the following details:

• The Name of whom the Items are for

• The Address for delivery

• The NDIS Number of the person whom the items are for

• The email address of who the invoice is to go to (your Plan Manager or yourself)

• Provide screen shots of your items or a typed list 

3) After receiving your information, we will create your order and a full Tax Invoice with all our Company and Banking details. This Invoice will be emailed to yourself if that has been requested (for you to forward to your Plan manager) or emailed by us to your Plan Manager to make payment. This will be emailed on the next business day from when we receive your email.

4) Payment is preferred to Tangled Hair Care within 7 days of invoice date.

5) Once we receive payment we process and pack your order the next business day. You will receive an email when the Order is being processed and shipped.

(Alternatively, if you wish, you may order and pay for your purchases directly on our online store)

6) Once you have paid through our online store you will be issued with an order number. Once you receive your order number you can email us at with your NAME, ADDRESS and ORDER NUMBER.

7) We will then create a full Tax Invoice marked paid, and email it to you, for you to submit to your Plan Manager to initiate payment back to yourself.