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Avoiding Lice On Your Child’s Hair

Avoiding Lice On Your Child’s Hair

Head lice are a common problem among kids. At most, it can irritate their scalp that, while not deadly or harmful, is very distracting. Children who have lice tend to lose sleep, be in a bad mood, and lack focus on activities, whether for school or playtime. Not to mention that, with kids’ tendencies, they may end up scratching their heads frequently, leading to an injured scalp and possible infections from the wounds. To prevent this, here are things you need to do.


Avoid sharing items

Lice and nits live in items that touch the head; This includes combs, hats, towels, earphones, and anything that comes in close contact with the head area. Since we can’t always be too sure of other people’s belongings, be careful when your child uses shared items. Have your kids use their stuff as much as possible, so those pests don’t jump to their scalp. This helps keep children protected as well should your little one be the carrier instead.


Don’t let your child do head-to-head contact

When kids play around, they can get rough and rowdy. It’s no surprise if they end up bumping heads with their friends at the playground. Try not to let this happen when you can. As mentioned before, the lice can jump from another child’s scalp to the next, and from there, it can spread to all their other friends. When they’re playing, make sure you’re monitoring them so your child can avoid head-to-head contact.


Be mindful of where they lie down

Lice aren’t just present in stuff that touches the head. They can also be in couches, blankets, carpets, and more. Don’t allow your kid to lie around wherever, especially in a place that isn’t your home. You never know who has been there and what kind of infections they may bring—lice included. If your child plays around in these types of settings anyway, make sure to check their scalp immediately for nits.


Clean items once a lice infestation happens

If you’ve heard that there has been a lice infestation in your child’s school or playground, it’s best to clean up. You never know if they’ve gotten it and if the lice or nits have already transferred to your home. Disinfect personal items, couches, beds, linens, floors, and other common places of contact. There are recommended effective methods for clean-up efforts that don’t require fumigation or other extreme measures.


Invest in natural nit treatments

If your child already has head lice, it is best to use natural nit treatments on their hair. Not only do these solutions effectively remove those pesky lice, but they are also safe to use as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that may damage their hair or scalp.


For safe and natural nit treatments that can fix your child’s lice problems, get Tangled Kids Hair Care! Our product also doubles as a detangler, so you can fix your child’s knotted tresses and keep their hair healthy all around!

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