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Dream Detangler Scream Free Hair Brushing™️

Dream Detangler Scream Free Hair Brushing™️


We often get asked what makes our brushes different to others.

BEWARE of imitations! There are so many brushes both in Australia and Overseas which look similar and often make promises but NEVER deliver.

We see and hear it way too often! Our price point for a brush almost seems too good to be true. Other brushes are in excess of $35-$40 sometimes up to $150 yet they don’t deliver! I know as I have tried them all over the years……. And seriously they are nothing short of a disgrace 

In my life journey, first as a hairdresser, and then my most important role as a mum to two daughters I have spent countless hours brushing, styling, cutting, colouring, perming and de-matting hair.

I have worked with pretty much every kind of hair imaginable, and I have seen some pretty unimaginable things! Nothing surprises me, or scares me.

I remember one Royal Melbourne Show a few years ago where a desperate father came to me with his gorgeous daughter, who had been bed ridden in hospital for many months following an accident. The whole back of her head was one huge mat, so much so there was barely room for a finger to get between the matted hair and her scalp. The dad was beside himself as his daughter begged to not have her hair all cut off. They had a hairdresser visit them in hospital who had seen me the day before at the show and she told him to come and see me and my magical brush. I spent nearly 2 hours brushing and de-matting the hair with the Dream Detangler. The little girl sat there, patiently letting me gently break the matts open and remove them. At the end of two hours she could run her fingers through her hair for the first time that she could remember. Her dad cried and hugged me as he couldn’t believe how effortlessly the Dream Detangler worked. They had tried almost everything and had been recommended to cut all her hair off. Thank goodness they took the chance and tried a Dream Detangler <3 

Families like this is why we exist! We want to help people achieve the impossible. Hair brushing doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a pleasant experience for the whole family.

Over my career and life journey I have seen and used some amazing tools (brushes) over the years and what I decided to do was take all my favourite qualities from all my favourite tools and merge them into one!

And that is how the Dream Detangler was created. Way back more than 6 ½ years ago!

We started with a vented design, as this allows any water or products and/or heat to escape without damaging the hair. It also allows moisture to escape (prevents the brush going mouldy) Do you remember the old fashioned vent brushes from the 1980s and 1990s? Our vented design is based on this.

We then created a curved brush – which will contour to the scalp. A head is round so why have a flat brush? The curve of the brush follows the scalp as you brush the hair. Makes sense hey!

The most important part of the brush is the bristles! I knew we needed a flexible bristle to drag the tangles through the hair, but the bristle also needed to be able to resist heat and a blow dryer/straightener.  This is how the SuperFlexi bristle was created.

We then replicated our bristles into a synthetic boar bristle to give the hair the maximum shine and softness. These bristles leave the hair feeling silky soft, reduce frizz and help distribute the natural oils of the hair.  

When brushing the hair it stimulates the scalp which encourages hair growth, our revolutionary bristles mean that the Dream Detangler can be used on wet or dry hair. Which also makes it perfect for curly hair.

Hair when it is wet loses it elasticity – it stretches. So when you brush wet hair it is already vulnerable. A normal brush or comb has no flexibility in the bristles. So when it reaches a knot or a tangle it rips, pulls and breaks it way through. That is where the Dream Detangler is different. Our bristles gently drag the tangles through the hair, to the ends without that horrible and traumatic ripping and painful experience.

While it may take a few strokes to get the brush through the tangles it does so painlessly.

The Dream Detangler is truly like no other brush! Check out our thousands of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews and recommendations on our website.

Our brush quite simply is life changing. Don’t let hair brushing battles ruin your day.

Pain Free Hair Brushing and Tear Free Mornings. Guaranteed.


Creator of the Dream Detangler and Tangled Kids Hair Care

Qualified Hairdresser with 20+ years experience and mum to two girls <3


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