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Hair Care Tips For Spring

Unlike the majority of the world, springtime in Australia occurs during the months leading up to the holiday season. This means that while the rest of the world is dealing with fall, you’re handling all the hair issues that come with the spring weather. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you tips on how you can deal with said issues properly.


Find a new style

Spring signifies new beginnings, so what better way to start it by getting a new hairstyle? Trim those split ends and knots of tangled hair so you can start anew. After that, go experiment with eye-catching colors so you can unleash. Bright highlights will definitely look good under the sun and give you fresh and clean aura to your look.


Get ready for the rain and humidity

Ever watched that episode of Friends where Monica’s hair ends up going frizzy because of the humidity? That may have been played for laughs, but frizziness is a real thing during springtime. The rain and humidity can leave your hair frizzy and untamed, which can look quite unruly and unattractive. We recommend using an anti-frizz spray to help control it. As for protecting it from the rain, tie it up in a bun or a hairdo that minimizes its exposure.


Tone down the moisture

In relation to the previous item, conditioners and shampoos may be good for moisturizing your locks, but not during springtime. The excess dampness combined with the humid weather may cause more frizzes, which will be more difficult for you to deal with. We don’t recommend not conditioning or washing your hair at all, but do go for versions of these products with less moisturizing qualities. Or if possible, limit your use until springtime ends.


Be careful with heat

Certain procedures that make use of heat, while they can be beneficial, can also cause damage if not regulated properly. Try avoiding curling irons and hair drying. Instead, opt for letting it dry naturally. Not only is this safer, it’s also less taxing on your electricity bills.


As for styling, you can tie your tresses while wet and let it dry so that when you remove it, you can easily have beautiful curls. Of course, blow drying does have the advantage of keeping your locks smooth and untangled, but make sure you’re careful with its use.


Improve your hair protection

Last but not the least, you should also invest in products that can help protect your hair amid the weather. Hair masks, for example, are good for dry, brittle, frizzy strands. With how the weather can be during spring, you need to make sure the things you put on your head can shield it from any damage without worsening the damage itself.


For more hair care items you can use this spring season, check out our products at Tangled Kids! We have detangler sprays, detangler brushes, and nit treatments that can make caring for your tresses easier and hassle-free. Visit our website at to get started!

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