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Avoiding Tangles With The Right Hairstyle

Avoiding Tangles With The Right Hairstyle

Tangled hair can be quite the nuisance if not properly addressed. It can cause a bothersome mess while you’re doing your daily tasks, and even afterwards when you’re untangling after a long day. You can prevent this through a series of methods such as combing properly, conditioning, and applying hair masks. Another way you can do this is also through the usage of the right hairstyles. In this case, there are a few styles you can wear to avoid tangled hair.



This is the classic go-to for any person who needs a neat style without their hair getting in the way. It’s also adaptable as a neatly done ponytail can fit any type of situation, from the office to special occasions. You can style it in a way that frames your face without having to make it unruly and unkempt. Having a ponytail is easier in terms of maintenance in addition to preventing tangles.



What could go wrong with a classic bun? Most dancers keep their tresses in a bun as it keeps the hair secure without getting in their face while they’re moving. It also gives off a casual and cute aesthetic that’s also quite clean to look at and convenient to manage. You can wear this outside and even at home.


Short hair:

Last but not the least, you can consider rocking a cool and sleek pixie cut. We know not everyone’s a fan, but with the right styling it will look quite striking and gorgeous. The fact that it tangles less due to its length is just an added bonus.


Knowing the best hairstyles to wear is important in making sure your hair stays smooth and not knotted. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment on other styles, but do make sure you’re employing methods to keep it detangled. At Tangled Kids, we have the products you need to ensure this is the case. Visit our website at
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