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Detangling Curly and Wavy Hair

Detangling Curly and Wavy Hair

As much as wavy and curly hairstyles can look beautiful and lively, they can be a pain to maintain. They can be quite tricky to detangle, which is something that can happen due to hair being exposed to several elements on a regular basis. If you’re not aware of the proper way to do so, you may end up ruining your tresses even more. Here are the right methods you can do to fix your locks when they get knotted.


Detangle while hair is wet and conditioned

For curly hair, the dryer your strands are, the more difficult it is to run your brush through it. Forcing it can also cause further damage. That’s why it’s recommended that you wet your hair first and apply conditioner. This softens the locks, allowing for smoother detangling without having your brush or comb get stuck in the knots.


Be gentle

We understand that you’d prefer getting rid of those pesky tangles from your curls as quickly as possible. You might end up aggressively brushing through your locks in order to do this. But, and this is for your own good, you need to calm down. Being too harsh in brushing your hair can result in more hair loss and damage, which in turn can lead to even more detangled hair. Be gentle in the detangling process so your hair and scalp aren’t irritated by the constant pulling.


Brush from the tips to the roots

In relation to the hair pulling, it’s also better to brush from the tips to the roots rather than the other way around. Too much irritation and pulls on the scalp can damage hair follicles, which in turn can lead to lack of hair growth. To prevent this, start from the bottom and work your way up to the top of your head. It’s better if you divide your hair into sections and focus on brushing those parts one at a time rather than going through it in one full swipe.


Use the best products to detangle

Lastly, you can’t properly detangle if you don’t have great products in hand. Things such as detangling brushes and hair detangler sprays should be in top quality to ensure you can care for your hair more effectively. That’s why here at Tangled Kids, we recommend buying only the best products for your curly and wavy locks to stay beautiful, luscious, and free of knots. Shop through our inventory now!

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