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Chemicals That May Harm Your Hair

Chemicals That May Harm Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, you’ll be introduced to various products that have different uses and purpose. Some of them can help prevent breakage, while some can ensure your locks are smooth to the touch. In order for these products to do this, however, some of them may be infused with chemicals that, while helpful in improving aspects of your hair, can also cause detriment. Here are just some you need to keep away from your tresses.



The danger of having fragrances in hair products, as much as they can make your hair smell good, is the lack of regulation. This means that whatever is needed to get that particular scent is put in the product without the need to declare what it is. Who knows what chemicals they used to make sure that jasmine-scented shampoo is actually jasmine-scented? Despite this, you can still buy items with scents as long as they list what exactly is in them.



You know the suds formed whenever you use shampoos? That’s the effect of sulphates in the concoction, specifically sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate. But it’s not recommended to use these as sulphates can cause issues on both your hair and your scalp such as eczema. It can also get rid of your hair’s moisture, making it rough, coarse, and more prone to damage. This leaves your tresses more vulnerable to a host of issues, making it difficult to groom.



Preservatives are used in shampoo products to increase their shelf life and prevent them from going bad. This is necessary at times to ensure they can still be used even after time has passed. However, the ones used in said items release formaldehyde, which can cause things such as skin irritation and even damage to the DNA and cancer.



Products containing parabens can affect your body, namely your hormones. The xenoestrogens found in parabens can cause hormonal disruptions as well as breast cancer. More research needs to be done regarding the substance for anything conclusive, as it is unclear if this is causation or mere correlation. Based on what we know so far, though, it’s advised by many experts to steer clear from it for the time being.



While silicones are known to do well in smoothening and straightening, they can have adverse effects as well. Studies are showing that they can have a negative impact on the endocrine system, and are also potentially cancerous. On lesser consequences, the buildup from certain silicones can make your strands feel lifeless, which is a no-no if you want your hair to look healthy and beautiful.


Hopefully, the effects of the items above will make you think twice in getting any random product off the shelves. From shampoos to conditioners to natural nit treatments, make sure each hair care item you buy is safe not just for your hair but also for your whole body.

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