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Why don't we offer Free Postage on ALL orders?

Why don't we offer Free Postage on ALL orders?

There are so many businesses who offer FREE postage on all orders but it is something we just aren't willing to do! 

Since starting our business over 7 years ago we made the decision from day one to be truthful and honest with our clients, and to not hide charges such as postage in our product prices. 

Postage is never FREE.... let's clear that up now! Australia Post and any of the delivery companies do NOT offer FREE postage or delivery. Every business and consumer who uses them are charged a fee, and those fees in the last two years have gone through the roof!

If FREE postage is offered by a business it is a charge which they have hidden in a product price tag.... and that for us is deceitful and not being honest! 

Quite some time ago we were reconsidering our position on postage and decided the best way to make the decision was to ask our VIP clients. Needless to say they voted unanimously for us to keep our prices LOW rather than hiding charges such as postage from them! We prefer to be honest and transparent with you

Postage and delivery charges are the largest expense to our family owned small business, the cost to post a single brush to a client is more than $11. This cost includes the cost of the packing box, the tape, the labels and ink to print.

Perhaps consider it this way…. If we offered FREE postage every item in our entire ONLINE store would have be increased by $11 to factor in this huge expense!

Instead we keep our prices LOW everyday and offer FLAT Rate postage. If the items cost more than the $11.95 we charge as a flat fee we absorb that cost.

What this means is that our products are at the best price possible every single day, and we don’t HIDE postage charges from you!

Remember if you purchase a product for let’s say $40 and the company offers FREE Postage – that the postage isn’t free in actual fact and the company is deceiving you and hiding the postage in the product price…. So you can straight away subtract at least $8-$10 from the product price for the cost of postage. 

What this means is if you purchase TWO or more products the company is making a profit from you and pocketing the hidden fees they would normally allocate to postage expenses.

How wrong is that! I guess its ok if you only buy a single product, but I like to support small business and often purchase multiple items from one place, these hidden charges would be a huge profit to them at my expense!

Here at Tangled Hair Care we reward our clients in different ways - when you order from our multiple times you will find a little surprise in your package (from time to time) as our thank you for your repeated business.

We now offer FREE postage to our clients for orders over $120 as a thank you for ordering multiple products - again this was voted as important by our VIP clients and we have listened . This expense we absorb in our business costs as a thank you for ordering multiple products and supporting our family owned business.

Unfortunately despite our best negotiation efforts Australia Post still charge us a delivery fee for these orders 😳😉😂

At the moment to celebrate our 7th birthday and EOFY we are also offering a FREE Dream Detangler Brush for orders over $90 (after discounts and before postage). 

And of course if you are in our VIP group you would know that we offer Exclusive Discounts and offers before they go on sale to the public. 


Being a small family owned business is tough, Covid has knocked us around like so many other businesses. And of course we are up against the big guys who have HUGE budgets for advertising and promotions, let alone the copy cat businesses who target our clients selling their replica products :( 

Thank you for your continued support, we really do appreciate it. 


 Free Brush offer ends  Ends July 31st 2022


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  • Mum of three girls in Adelaide

    I had seen another brush advertised for $39.95 but with free postage. I bought one and it firstly took forever to arrive (even though we were both in the same state of SA) ! And secondly the quality was awful! The bristles were gross and half of them fell out after two uses. That brush has sat int he drawer for more than 6 months! So now it was time to purchase a new brush and I came to you after seeing all your honest reviews and your prices are far better! And you don’t hide the postage charges. Needless to say I bought three brushes from you (for less than the cost of two ugly ones) and they are far better! Thank you for being an honest and trustworthy business with the best products.

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