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The Perfect Hair Brush for Sensory

The Perfect Hair Brush for Sensory

Sick of the Ugly arguments about Hair Brushing?

Does hair brushing feel like a war zone at your house? 

Win the War for once and all!

No ugly ducklings, ugly swan or ugly prince or princess' anymore! 

Guest blog written by a mum who discovered our products recently ❤️

The Dream Detangler helps with tangles and the sensitive heads of adults and kids who hate to brush them out.  

The Dream Detangler is the solution to hair brushing I have been searching for 

Getting my daughter, Annabelle who has sensory processing issues and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to brush her hair has always been a huge fight, one that has led us to keep Annabelle’s  hair  shorter to avoid the arguments over brushing out her messy and  painful tangles, knots and matts.

As she is getting older she wants to grow her hair long again….. While I would love to see it long too, I keep reminding her that as it gets longer, she’ll have to be willing to brush it thoroughly and get rid of all the knots and tangles.

Over the years, we have collected a rather large array of the softest brushes I could find, and it’s clear that Annabelle tolerates using those brushes much more successfully than regular hairbrushes. But even with a soft brush and with her hair short, brushing is still a dreaded daily activity.

Until now.

A friend left a comment on my Facebook post about how sensory processing issues can impact our kids with ADHD, specifically with regards to personal hygiene and hair brushing. They told me all about the Dream Detangler and how it had changed their lives.

“WELL It arrived yesterday (super fast postage) and it works, The Dream Detangler actually does exactly what it claims to do!!!!”

When it arrived, I was intrigued by the curved design. It looks a little bit like a vent brush (circa 1980's) but curved. The handle fit just right in the palm of a hand so comfortably, and even better it fits in Annabelle’s hand too! I immediately touched the bristles to test them for softness and tried it on my hair first….. oh my gosh it feels like a head massage! No pain at all! I have no idea who it does this but WOW! 

After school, I showed Annabelle. “Awesome!” she said, attracted to the brush’s colour (yes I got her favourite colour hoping it might be the deal clincher) . Then she tried it. She brushed. And she brushed. And she kept brushing and brushing. She took it outside with her and intermittently brushed some more. She was able to brush her own hair! And she really liked the way it felt.

The real test came the next morning when she woke up with her normal, severe bed head and we had to tame her hair before leaving for school.

Usually, this involves me chasing her around, as she runs away and tries to cover her head with her hands. Tears. Screaming. Yelling. That is normally what happens. But not on this day, I just handed her the Dream Detangler. It was like magic. It went right through the tangles without getting stuck, removing them as it went. No teeth clenching. No screaming or frustrated grunting. The final texture as perfect as I have ever seen her hair!

Annabelle uses the Dream Detangler every morning and we have ordered four more now so we can have one in each room just in case!

I have been searching for a brush which does what it claims and is a scream free brush and that is EXACTLY what the Dream Detangler is! 

Thanks Tangled Hair Care for this most amazing product

You have changed our lives with your brushes

I can't wait to share this product within all my mum groups and help so many other special needs families win the war with brushing hair! 

Thank you again


Yasmine Harrison  

Sydney NSW





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