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Boar Bristles? Anyone else cringe at the thought.......

Boar Bristles? Anyone else cringe at the thought.......

It's a discussion which frequently occurs, which is better? Boar Bristles or Synthetic Bristles...... 


Back many years ago, before all the technological advances we now take for granted, a "good" brush was one made with Boar bristles.... which meant you could brush the hair without creating damage, and less static occurred. Plastic brushes were frowned upon and many believed they caused more damage than good.... 


Any "good" hairdresser would use and recommend a Boar Bristle brush in their salon, and if you were lucky enough to own one then you "knew" the secret of hair! 


But times have changed! Technology has evolved and hair brushes have changed! It's no longer the 1980's or 1990's and Boar bristles are now considered to be obsolete. 


Boar bristle brushes are no longer looked at as the "premium" product they once were, more so they are frowned upon and avoided at all costs.


After all who in their right mind wants to use a hair brush on themselves which includes animal hair? Just the thought of it makes me 🤢


With the evolution of machinery and technology in the last 10-20 years, and ways of life such as Vegan becoming more widely known, and understood..... the evolution of hair brushes and similar products and their manufacture has been placed under the spotlight now more than ever. 


When you look at many of the worlds biggest brands, most of them are moving away from the use of animal products, and products which cause harm to animals. As with the evolution of technology there are alternatives which perform as well if not better in every regard.


When we created the Dream Detangler we made the decision to make our bristles synthetic. This means they are a man made bristle, which  replicate the results of boar bristles. But unlike a boar bristle no animals are involved in their manufacture.


Our Synthetic Boar Bristles are the perfect example of this evolution in technology and why you should't use a boar bristle brush in 2022. 


Like a Natural/Boar Bristle, our unique Dual Bristle Technology will distribute your hair's natural oils.


The oils condition your hair while the bristles stimulate the scalp, leaving your hair silky smooth. 


Our synthetic bristles also benefit the hair by helping keep the hair clean as the brush distributes your natural sebum evenly through your hair


How do I tell if my brush is Boar Bristle or Synthetic?


Boar Bristles are generally black or dark brown in colour, and the easiest way to identify is by looking at the tips of them - Boar Bristles have a brown/gold tip.

They will not be uniform or identical and will be different lengths, shapes and sizes. 

If you look at the below picture you can see the bristles are a different colour on the ends. This is the easiest way to check and identify if the bristles are Boar Bristle. 



If you look at a close up picture below of our Dream Detangler you will see that our Black Synthetic Boar Bristles (man-made) are all consistent length, shape and size, and have solid black ends. 



Here is a side by side comparison to help a little more 

You can see the brush on the left has shorter, inconsistent bristles with brown/gold ends. These are Boar Bristles.


The brush on the right is a Dream Detangler and has solid black bristles, all consistent in length, shape and size and with solid black ends.




You will find that our Synthetic Boar Bristles are longer lasting, offer more consistent and reliable results than a Natural/Boar Bristle and most importantly that NO animal's are involved in their manufacture. 


So throw away those UGLY brushes with Boar Bristles.... they are so 2020.... just like Covid! Something we all want to look back on as a distant memory!


Get your Dream Detangler and experience the difference!  


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