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Our NDIS Journey

Our NDIS Journey

Did you know that Tangled Hair Care™️ is the original and first Australian Designed and Owned Detangle Brush and hair care product range who are a Registered NDIS Provider?


Our founder and creator Rachelle has been working with special needs families for almost ten years, and these communities are the driving force behind our product range and everything we do.


AUTISM SA and the Friendly Business Charter


Almost 7 years ago, Rachelle enquired about and attended a workshop at Autism SA, and learnt about a charter that Autism SA had created called the Autism SA Friendly Business Charter. After working along side special needs families already Rachelle knew this was an important step the business needed to take.


As part of this charter, Rachelle undertook a course successfully and became the first hair care product on the charter. There are now quite a few hairdressers who are on the charter but we still are the only hair care product range - something we are very proud of.


The course trained Rachelle in identifying and acquiring the skills to help her working alongside special needs families (specialising in Autism) and how to teach family members skills to assist them to achieve their goals for their children using our products.


Rachelle had for several years already been attending markets, shows and shopping centres in South Australia and been demonstrating her products in person so knew the impact the products could have and understood the importance of grooming and gaining confidence with personal hygiene for special needs families.


While the course and training were specifically aligned with Autism, over the years Rachelle has worked with many special needs family members, providers, specialists and of course clients.  


New Skills and New Products


This training and these new special skills gave invaluable insight and created a passion for  Rachelle to further develop her product range.

Working tirelessly for a number of years on new products and what felt like endless prototypes, samples, corrections and fine tuning, the release of our new Detangle Sprays and also the Dream Detangler Sensory Brush was achieved in 2019.

Our Sensory Brush - the first of its kind EVER released has double dipped tips on the end of each bristle for additional comfort on the scalp, and longer bristles which allow us to detangle the hair gently. Many clients already loved our Dream Detangler brush, but we did have a small client group who still struggled with hair brushing. Hence the creation, design and release of our Sensory Brush. 

The addition of Argan Oil to our New Detangle Sprays, to nourish, add moisture and condition the hair, Argan Oil also adds extra protection for the hair and makes it easier again to brush the hair using our Dream Detangler Brushes.

The Detangle Sprays are now available in 8 scents (first released in 3 scents) 

In 2021 we released a Second Sensory Brush in Red (to compliment our original Sunset Bronze Sensory Brush). Both brushes are in colours which are gender neutral and appeal to all ages and genders.  

NDIS Provider Application


The final step, and a huge hurdle was for the business to achieve NDIS Provider registration. This step was especially difficult and even though Rachelle had been working inside the industry for many years, an NDIS adviser as well as a lawyer and a VA were enlisted to help with this process.


During three long years (part of which was Covid), Rachelle, her lawyer and a Virtual Assistant as well as the specialist NDIS adviser completed hundreds of pages of applications and documents, countless emails, phone calls and virtual meetings were held in order to tick all of the boxes required by the NDIS, it felt like a never ending process and one that left Rachelle often questioning herself and the importance of NDIS approval but of course the Registered Provider Status goal meant so much to Rachelle that no stone was left unturned.

And then earlier this year, after a long 6 months of investigation and interviews finally we received confirmation of our acceptance and were listed as a Registered NDIS Provider.


What does this mean?


This important step means our special needs community members can now use their NDIS plan to purchase our products. For years we have been told by clients how life changing our products are and the impact our products have on the lives of our special needs community and clients. And for them now to be able to access our products as part of their NDIS means our products are doing exactly what they are designed to do. Change the lives of our clients! And make our products accessible and attainable for many more people. We have always strived to keep the price of our products as low as we can to ensure that our products are affordable for families, as there is no point having an amazing product if it isn’t affordable for everyone!


Can any business sell products under NDIS?


No! Absolutely not! Although we see so many businesses advertise and claim that participants can use their NDIS plans to purchase products that is absolutely not the case. We have seen other businesses falsely advertise that they are an approved NDIS Provider and trick clients (who then have their claim rejected). Not only is this a terribly low at, its taking advantage of clients and tricking people to purchase products under false pretences.


We encourage any clients if you see a business advertise that they are an approved provider to check on the NDIS website here


Tangled Hair Care is proud to be listed and we are 100% transparent with our registration.  The whole process of us achieving NDIS Provider Approval cost us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of our time. But it is something which we aspired to achieve and it means so very much to us to be able to change the lives of people every day with our products.


It makes us sick that other businesses purposely deceive innocent clients and try to take advantage of the NDIS and client plans.

If you see or find such a business we encourage you to report them to the NDIS. These businesses need to be held accountable for their actions and need to be stopped! 


How can you use your NDIS?


Whether you are plan managed, or self-managed you may be able to claim our products as part of your NDIS plan. Thousands of participants have already used their NDIS to acquire our products (generally covered under personal hygiene or grooming).


Self managed clients can place an order and utilise your NDIS plan by shopping online at 

Once you complete your transaction, please then send an email to with your order number and NDIS number and we will send you a paid invoice via email for reimbursement.


For our plan managed clients please send an email to with your name, postal address,  NDIS number, a screen shot or list of the products you would like to order and the name and email of your plan manager. From here we will send you and your plan manager an invoice. Once the invoice is paid in full we will dispatch your order within 72 hours.



If you have any questions with regards to NDIS, the Autism SA Friendly Business Charter or our products please contact Rachelle via email at

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