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Wet or Dry Hair?

Wet or Dry Hair?

Can I brush my hair while wet??


The short answer…. is No!

As a hairdresser we have been taught since the first day of training it is not recommended to brush the hair while wet.

Hair, when it is wet, loses its elasticity and stretches, a traditional brush or comb has no flexibility in its bristles, and when a traditional brush or a comb reaches a knot or tangle it rips, pulls and breaks its way through as the hair is already fully stretched.

This is why it is NOT recommended to brush wet hair.

But the Long answer is YES! If you have the right brush!

The Dream Detangler™️ breaks all those rules!

And with the blessing of hairdressers around the world!

Our revolutionary Dual Bristle Technology is the key. The bristles are soft and flexible. And move the tangles through the hair and out the ends gently with each stroke.

Our bristles don’t get stuck in the hair, nor do they rip, pull or break the hair like a traditional brush or comb. 

When we say the Dream Detangler™️ is life changing we mean it!  

The Dream Detangler™️ can be used on wet or dry hair.

Its vented design makes it perfect to use in the shower as the water can escape easily (unlike cushion brushes which the water gets trapped and can go mouldy).

And the Dream Detangler™️ can be used with a hairdryer or heat on a low setting for short bursts making it the perfect Blow Dry brush too!

Wet or Dry. Curly or Straight. The Dream Detangler™️ is the last brush you will ever buy!

Designed In Australia by an Aussie Mum.

The Dream Detangler™️is the Original and the Best!

Australia’s Number One Detangle Brush  




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