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Do I really need to use a Detangle Spray?

Do I really need to use a Detangle Spray?

We often get asked why a Detangle Spray is recommended……. Surely The Dream Detangler is good enough to work without any sprays! 

Absolutely! The Dream Detangler will 100% work on ANY hair type without any sprays, oils or help!

We are so sure you will love the Dream Detangler we are the FIRST in Australia to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

BUT Detangle Sprays are important to use on the hair for a number of reasons……

Our Detangle Sprays nourish and condition the hair ALL day long!

They all contain a unique blend of essential oils which also protect the hair from pollution and external elements.

And of course they make those TOUGH tangles even easier for the Dream Detangler Bristles to get through.

Then we have our DETER sprays – the first product we released!

Our Deter sprays, which are manufactured here in South Australia, are listed with the TGA, Vegan and Organic and they help Deter head lice!

Keeping lice at bay all day long! How good is that! 

ALL our Detangle and our Deter sprays contain Neem which is also well known as an analgesic and calms a sensitive scalp and help with soothing the scalp when brushing.

Neem is also known to help with eczema and dermatitis too.

Did you know that we have helped tens of thousands of families over our 7+ years stay NIT FREE

Light weight in texture our Deter and Detangle sprays DO NOT leave a greasy or oily residue on the hair.

As hair is porous, we highly recommend to use the sprays on damp hair – hair will absorb moisture and by using on damp hair you will use less product and evenly coat the hair with the product.

This will help you to get longer out of a bottle of spray and better value for money!

Make sure to shake the product well before use – as our product contains no stabilisers the oils can sit at the top of the bottle. It is also for this reason we DO NOT recommend opening the bottle and sniffing as you will be capturing the PURE scents of ALL the oils and they can be strong/overwhelming.

Spray a few sprays on damp hair and leave for 10 seconds before smelling. Then you will experience the true scent of the product

In fact we recommend to shampoo and condition the hair twice a week and let the sprays help keep the hair in the best possible condition between washes!

We are often asked why we contain a warning on our Detangle sprays “Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant.”

The reason for this is that our TGA registration requires us to place the warning on the sprays as essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy.

Our products while they do contain essential oils, they are not in a pure form and are diluted within water. For this reason we have the warning on our products – but we highly recommend that you speak with your doctor or health practitioner to get the all clear from them to use the product prior to commencing use.


As always I am here to answer any questions you have about our products. As the creator of the products and business my knowledge is vast. I am a hairdresser with 25+ years experience, a mum of two daughters (one on the spectrum) and have worked with special needs families for 10+ years.

Thank you for your support of my family owned business.

Rachelle xx

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