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How To Brush Your Hair Properly

How To Brush Your Hair Properly

As much as we believe hair brushing isn’t a big deal at all and everyone knows how to do it, the damage of improper methods might beg to differ. You might not be aware, but incorrect brushing can lead to tons of issues such as thinning and tangled hair if not nipped in the bud. With this, you should be in the know on how to brush it properly so it looks great and healthy.


Know your hair type and the right brushing method for it

There are several hair types such as straight, way, and curly. Because it wildly differs from person to person, you should know the right method depending on the type you have. For example, most types would be best to brush when it’s dry as hair is brittle when wet. But for curly locks, the opposite is recommended as it is naturally dry and more prone to damage at that state. Brushing curly strands while dry can lead to disastrous results, so keep it wet before you do so. Be sure of what type you have first and you’re good to go on the next steps.


Pick the right comb and brush

Now that you know when you should brush your hair depending on its type, the next step is determining the best detangler brush and comb for the job. As Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salon recommends, a boar bristle brush and a fine comb are the best products to use. He says that these two do the job right by getting rid of knots effectively without damage, unlike other types that break and harm the hair further.


Brush from bottom to top

We’re sure that a lot of people have all grown accustomed to brushing from the roots down to the ends. But as per celebrity stylist Jenny Cho, this is actually wrong. The hair follicle, which is the part of your body responsible for hair growth, can be damaged over time due to the pull from the scalp, preventing it from growing altogether. To avoid this, Cho recommends detangling at the bottom first, then working your way up to the top in segments to minimize follicle irritation.


Don’t brush too much

While brushing is a must to keep hair healthy, over-brushing will do more harm than good. It can lead to damage due to the stress on the cuticle, also known as your hair’s external layer. Aside from that, if you’re combining this with less gentle strokes, you might pull out more locks than you intended to, making it hard to keep those tresses thick and voluminous. Rather than go through all this trouble, just do enough strokes that the tangles are removed and do it gently to avoid follicle and cuticle damage.


Use the best products

Even with the right way to do things, it’s not enough if you don’t have the best products to care for your hair. High-quality items, combined with the proper methods, can do wonders for your hair, making it more vibrant and healthy. To find great products, get them at Tangled Kids Hair Care! From detangler brushes to treatments, we have them all to make sure you can care for it in the best way. Visit us on our website at or contact us at 0422 599 271 now!

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