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Preventing Your Hair From Getting Tangled

Preventing Your Hair From Getting Tangled

Tangled hair can be quite a pain to deal with. Not only does it affect your overall appearance negatively, it’s also painful and inconvenient when it comes to brushing your hair. These knots are often caused by friction between the strands after sleeping, drying, or making contact with certain surfaces. Typically, if hair is damaged, dry, brittle, or curly, it’s more likely for it to tangle.


Here’s how you can fix and prevent it.

Use the best products for detangling hair

Having access to the best products for detangling hair is crucial in being able to fix it up the minute it becomes tangled. Always have a detangler spray and Dream Detangler Brush on hand and learn how to use them properly. We recommend to apply the spray on damp hair as hair is porous and you will use less of the product. 


Apply proper grooming techniques

Even if your hair isn’t filled with knots yet, certain methods you’re using while you’re grooming can end up causing it. With this, it’s best to preemptively deal with the tangles by making sure the strands are smoothed out before showering and after. Run your fingers gently through your hair while applying shampoo and conditioner and use a towel to carefully dry it. Don’t forget to moisturize it gently after drying.

Protect your hair at all times

When you’re going out, your hair can be exposed to different damaging factors such as sweat, dirt, the wind, and heat. To combat this, keep it in a bun or ponytail to minimize its exposure from said factors. You can also do this before going to bed to lessen the fallen strands and the tangles when you move around in your sleep.

Avoid potentially hair damaging products and procedures

We all know that straightening, curling, or dyeing your hair can be fun and a great way to express yourself. However, too much of this can damage it and make it more prone to tangles. As much as possible, try to lessen these procedures to avoid too much damage. Also, if you’re using hair products, make sure it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

Have your hair trimmed regularly

Lastly, one’s hair is more prone to tangles if it’s long. If you don’t like the hassle of going through all the precautions to protect it, better have it trimmed every month or two. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting rid of the possibility of tangles completely. But it does mean your hair is less likely to get knots, making it easier for you to care for it.


While hair tangles can be bothersome and a chore to get through, a combination of the best products for detangling hair and correct grooming methods will fix this in no time. For detangler sprays, detangling brushes and other great hair products, get them at Tangled Kids Hair Care! Visit us on our website at or contact us at 0422 599 271.

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