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Family Value FIVE Pack FIVE Sprays & FIVE Brushes

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Our Family Value Packs offer the BEST value in town! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nichole Lubos
Brush and spray pack

This is the 3rd time buying from this company.

I have had nothing but great experiences with them.

I 100% love the products. I had previously purchased 8 brushes between my extended family and now added an additional 5.

The sprays are amazing! Having 2 young girls with long hair in and in school I have not once had any issues with lice in 2yrs and just had a outbreak at one of our schools and nothing has come home.

Jen S.

Fabulous products! Has made morning hair brushing much easier! Thank you

Sarah W.

I saw lots of positive reviews but I was still sceptical. They really are great. My kids and my partner said they loved them as well. I hope they last a while.

Tamara C.

I bought these brushes for my 4 girls. The two youngest ones hated me brushing their hairs. Now they brush themselves and love how they can get all their knots out without any tears. They love that they can get out of the bath with wet hair and fully brush it themselves without any worries. These brushes truly are amazing. They don’t hurt getting knots out and I now no longer have screaming whinging kids. Everyone needs to go and buy one. Highly recommended. The girls also love all the sprays, they smell amazing.

Claudia B.

Kids love the brush and so do I .with all of us having very thick hair and some with abit curly wave hair. it made our hair easily brush and esicappally having spray with it as well.

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Check this out! Our results speak for themselves. Our brush glided through this hair. NO CRYING!

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Perfect for long hair

Wet, Dry, Long or Short! Our hairbrush will glide easily through your Childs hair for a pain free experience.