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Dream Detangler™️ - Silver Moon

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"We absolutely love this product. It has been our savior getting 3 young girls with long, thick hair. Couple of sprays and brush through with our dream detangler brush, no more tears."
Che Eslick

Wave goodbye to tears, tangles and arguments. The Dream Detangler™️ turns morning tears and tantrums into a tear free, happy detangling experience for the whole family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Amy D.

We purchased 2 of these larger size brushes and have since bought 2 of the smaller size ones. They are the best brush you will ever own!

Fatme Arja

Easy to brunch kids hair I like it

Stacey B.

Best brush ever toddler doesn’t cry anymore when we brush her hair!

Lauren P.

My 3 year old daughter used to cry everytime I brushed her curly hair. Since this brush she no longer cries and even gets the brush for me. It glides through her hair easy and never gets caught on her knots.

Fran D.

This is the only hair brush where my daughter doesn’t complain when having her hair brushed. My son steals her brush all the time because he loves it so I had to buy him one too.

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Check this out! Our results speak for themselves. Our brush glided through this hair. NO CRYING!

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Perfect for long hair

Wet, Dry, Long or Short! Our hairbrush will glide easily through your Childs hair for a pain free experience.